The Lab

The Reliable Robot Control (R2C) Lab started its activities in 2020 at Delft University of Technology in the faculty of Mechanical, Maritime, and Materials Engineering (3ME) in the Cognitive Robotics (CoR) Department.

Autonomous robots will play a fundamental role in our daily life. There are, however, several challenges to address to fully benefit from these technologies. First, these robots will operate near humans in complex and unpredictable environments (safety concerns). Second, their proximity to the humans might make them a target to threaten our society (security concerns). Finally, important privacy issues can arise from the robot coordination among humans (privacy concerns).

The scope of the R2C Lab is to design navigation algorithms for autonomous robots that are safe, secure, and privacy-preserving. To achieve these objectives, the R2C Lab is working at the interface between classical control, artificial intelligence, and cyber-security. In addition, the Lab considers several application domains, such as autonomous cars, vessels, drones, and manipulators.

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